When Rich Spanton, president of Mastercraft Exteriors, a national roofing company, had a problem with his software, he didn’t turn to another company for answers. He created his own software.

Rich Spanton Acculynx Beloit Wisconsin
AccuLynx is the leading cloud-based business management software for specialty trade contractors. AccuLynx serves nearly 5,000 roofers, painters, drywallers, insulation installers, window/siding/gutter contractors, landscapers, electricians, HVAC businesses, concrete contractors and flooring installers across the country and Canada.
“If you are a sell it, build it, collect it contractor, this software was meant for you,” says Lynn Foster, director of operations. “It’s for someone who sells it, does the work and collects the payment.”

AccuLynx helps these businesses become more organized, create less waste, track and develop leads, and better manage their overall financial performance. The total business management solution includes CRM, production scheduling, estimating, customizable workflow, accounting and document storage modules.

AccuLinx was founded in 2008 answer to a need.

Mastercraft Exteriors had multiple locations and it was difficult to keep track of everything, even though they were well organized,” says Foster. “That’s when Rich created a software to manage his company. Suppliers and contractors noticed how clean and efficient the orders were coming through. That’s when the light bulb went off.”

Like Mastercraft, many of AccuLynx’s users rely on too many systems. “They might be using Excel, Google Docs, QuickBooks or even a manila folder,” says Foster. “What we do is take all of those systems and put them into one software package. With AccuLynx, the only thing you need is Quick Books.”

AccuLynx started in Rockton, Ill. before relocating to Beloit last year in order to take advantage of employee tax credits offered by the state of Wisconsin. “We didn’t want to move too far because many of our 28 employees live in this area,” says Foster. “It was a great opportunity to build a nice space in a great location.”

The new space, designed in conjunction with Hendricks Commercial Properties, Excel Engineering and Corporate Contractors Inc., was created to be a progressive and innovative office layout.

Acculynx work space has a “Google” feel to it

Large, open common areas, original exposed heavy steel structure, bright colors, sit/stand desks, a full kitchen, outdoor patio, big screen TVs and a second-floor-to-first-floor slide combine for a fun environment that truly captures the spirit of the company.  “It’s has a “Google” feel to it,” says Foster.

Software engineers, trainers, and sales reps all enjoy a chance to unwind during the day with a game of pool, video games or other leisure activities. “It allows employees to take a break and get away,” Foster says. “Why not have a10-minute meeting over a game of pool rather than sitting in a conference room? Some of our developers are writing code for six straight hours. This breaks up the monotony and lets them clear their mind before getting back at it. Sales guys celebrate a big sale with a game of ping pong. It’s totally self governed.”

AccuLynx is gaining traction. The company is included in the Inc. top 5,000 list and was recently named the Beloit Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year. Foster says the company is expecting annual growth between 70 and 100 percent.

There’s a trend of tech companies locating to Beloit 

Beloit is seeing a trend of tech companies – AccuLynx, Comply365 and FatWallet – coming to town. “It just makes sense,” says Foster. “It’s a beautiful location. It’s nice to grab a cup of coffee or just walk down the street for lunch. Beloit is a great place to own a business.”

Learn more about AccuLynx at www.acculynx.com

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