The Flying Pig has landed in Beloit.

Flying Pig Beloit Wisconsin 2 (Custom)The Flying Pig, a popular treat shop known for its many shaved ice flavors and toppings, opened its doors in downtown Beloit in November 2014. “We wanted to expand and thought downtown Beloit would be the perfect spot,” says Lisa Dodd, who owns the business with husband, Greg.

The Dodds and their four children moved to the area eight years ago, after living in Little Rock, Ark., where Lisa practiced law for 17 years. In 2008, the family opened its first Flying Pig locating in Roscoe, out of a trailer in the parking lot of a Hilander grocery store before relocating to a Rockton storefront.

“When we moved here, my kids were disappointed that there wasn’t a shaved ice stand anywhere. In the south there is one around every corner,” Dodd says. “My husband and I joked that we should open one, but that was never my intention. When my kids started school, I found myself doing research on shaved ice. We decided to give it a shot, but honestly, I never thought it would be a success.”

Flying Pig Beloit Wisconsin 4 (Custom)The name, The Flying Pig, combines Greg’s work as a pilot and the family’s deep Arkansas roots, home to the University of Arkansas Razorbacks. The shop has an expansive menu that includes Vietnamese coffee, espresso, steamers, frappes, smoothies, tea and many ice cream selections, as well as healthy, meal-replacement smoothies, and, of course, the popular shaved ice.

Dodd estimates there are somewhere between 85 and 100 different flavors displayed on the menu board, including sugar-free options. It’s the staff that typically comes up with the ingredients and whimsical names for the various options such as The Mess, Jamaican Me Thirsty and Wango Tango. Polar Bear Gone Wild combines margarita, mango, polarpunch, and raspberry flavors, while Wonder Woman is a mix of red and blue cotton, candy and wedding cake. “The possibilities are endless,” Dodd says. “You can combine just about any ingredients.”

The staff, which includes four full-timers and several part-timers, makes everything onsite daily – from cookies to fudge to gourmet popcorn. “We use many of the same ingredients in the items we offer,” says Dodd. “We’re always adding new flavors all the time.”

Flying Pig Beloit Wisconsin 5 (Custom)The new location at 430 E. Grand Ave. is on the ground floor of the Phoenix Building, which is drawing a wide-range of customers including students, families and seniors. The shop is bright, colorful and filled with a tasty aroma. Dodd hopes to one day cater birthday parties, graduations and other special events as well.

Dodd says Beloit has become a good home for The Flying Pig, which is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. during the week, with abbreviated hours on weekends. “There’s a lot of support here,” she says. “The community has rallied around us in the short time we’ve been open. I’m anxious to see what happens in the summer, when we expand our hours once the weather gets warmer.”

As for practicing law, Dodd says those days are behind her. “I miss it sometimes, but not enough to go back,” she says. “I became bored sitting behind a desk. I’m having fun doing this.”

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