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The School District of Beloit is a family of over 7000 students in grades PreK through 12, learning in a variety of school settings including traditional, early learning, charter schools, advanced placement, career training centers and virtual learning. Activities include sports (elementary to Division I WIAA high school), gifted and talented programming, after-school enrichment clubs, leadership organizations and fine arts programs that have earned national and global recognition.

Some of the programming options offered to students includes All-Day 4K, Dual Language Immersion, Single-Gender Classrooms, entire district one-to-one iPad learning, a completely renovated Advanced Career Education curriculum that is aligned with the latest industry standards, and Advanced Placement (AP) programming. In fact, Beloit Memorial High School (BMHS) has 26 Advanced Placement courses – the highest in the area! Over 200 students take AP exams each year at BMHS, and are achieving scores of 3 or higher (out of a possible score of 5) at a rate that exceeds the national average by 11%!

The School District of Beloit is also committed to addressing areas of employment needs and remodeling its facilities to meet the demands of tomorrow. Advanced Career Education covers such career paths as computer programming, business education, culinary arts, machining, welding, construction, manufacturing and more – all under the guidance of local business leader advisory committees. The committment is reflected in faciilties with a newly renovated machining and welding center, a state-of-the-art training kitchen, and the latest technology for each area.

The School District of Beloit, while serving over 7000 students and growing, maintains a small school feel. All six primary schools (grades 4K-3) have classes between 15-18 students per teacher. Classroom learning options for parents to choose include: dual-language immersion classes, single-gender classrooms, all-day 4K learning, with one-to-one student/iPad ratios extending all the way down to our 4K students.

Students, with the guidance of highly engaged staff and support of numerous organizations and individuals in the community, have many opportunities to develop their gifts and talents. Academically, the District offers rigorous programming, including 26 Advanced Placement courses at Beloit Memorial High School. A formal gifted and talented program streamlines the identification of students process, involving parents in the identification and development process. Students are encouraged to express their talents, from athletic prowess to excellence in the fine arts. Some achievements in this area include a rapidly growing choir program, recurring national recognition for the Orchestra and Bands, and repeated invitations for BMHS Theatre to attend the invite-only Fringe Festival in Scotland.

The community and District work together to ensure a safe and dynamic learning environment is available. All School District of Beloit buildings received recent renovations, with many schools receiving building additions. One of the four intermediate schools will be a brand new school, scheduled to open in the Fall of 2015, spanning grades 4 through 8. The new high school Natatorium is one of the largest in the state, offering space for meets, swimming programs and life safety swim instruction.

School principals stand by ready to lead tours and answer any questions you have to welcome you to the School District of Beloit family.

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