Live in Beloit | It’s All in the Family

Ben Thompson was well on his way to a successful career working for a hedge fund company in Chicago, when he made a startling discovery: he really missed the radio business. “Radio is a mix between entertainment and information,” says Ben, general manager of WGEZ-AM and the Janesville/Beloit market manager for the station’s parent company, Big Radio. “I like the urgency and immediacy aspect of the news side. But there’s also the entertainment side that

Engage in Beloit | Project 16:49

16:49 refers to the amount of hours and minutes between the end of the school day and when the school day starts again the next morning. In 2010, director R.E. Burgos created Sixteen Forty-Nine, a moving documentary film about the more than 1,000 homeless teens living in Rock County. The film was shown at the Beloit International Film Festival and later won the National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth media award.

Live in Beloit | Caring for the Community

CARING FOR THE COMMUNITY Beloit is known for many things – dining, shopping and recreation, to name a few. Beloit also is a city to turn to when it comes to the best in healthcare. With 1,600 employees, including a strong team of experienced physicians, Beloit Health System is the largest employer in Beloit, and many of the organization's staff call Beloit home. “Physicians who have decided to join the health system are some of the most

Beloit Health System: Providing Quality Healthcare

Beloit is known for many things – dining, shopping and recreation, to name a few. Beloit also is a city to turn to when it comes to the best in healthcare. Dr. Neel Karne with Tim McKevett, Beloit Health System President and CEO, and Dr. Alice Townshend In 2010, those qualities were further enhanced when Beloit Memorial Hospital and Beloit Clinic merged to form Beloit Health System. “We became a comprehensive health system,” says Tim

Live In Beloit – Coming Home

COMING HOME Beth Jacobsen has plenty of childhood memories. Born and raised in Beloit, Jacobsen fondly recalls spending time outdoors with neighborhood friends, whether it was climbing trees, riding bicycles or swimming in her backyard pool. “Beloit was a neat place to grow up,” she says. “It was a fun and safe place to be.” After being gone for a number of years, Jacobsen is home again. An opportunity to work at Beloit City Hall

Live In Beloit – A Special Place

James Pearson has lived all over the country. He’s lived in Portland, Philadelphia and Myrtle Beach, just to name a few cities. But Pearson thinks he’s finally found a special place in Beloit that is ideal for both his family and his career. Pearson came to Beloit in 2012 as curator of the Wright Museum of Art, one of Beloit’s crown jewels. In 1930, the college partnered with the city of Beloit to fund the

Live In Beloit – Home At Last

HOME AT LAST Larry Arft has spent a 40-year career working in public service. He started in Berkley, Mo., before moving on to the Chicago suburbs, working as village administrator in Bolingbrook and Morton Grove. But he’s finally found a place he can call home in Beloit. “My wife, Karen, and I have lived in five communities in three different states, but we like Beloit the most,” says Arft, who was hired as city manager

Making a New Home In Beloit

MAKING A NEW HOME IN BELOIT Change is never easy. Uwe Schnell knows this firsthand. Schnell has been all over the world. A native of Germany, Uwe has also lived and worked in Belgium, India, Hungary and Brazil, before making his way to the United States. It’s been a long and winding road, but Uwe can’t imagine being anywhere else. “I enjoy the spontaneity and the business culture in the United States,” he says. “Germans