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  BELOIT TURNER SCHOOL DISTRICT The School District of Beloit Turner is a district of choice with approximately 25% of its total enrollment of 1,503 consisting of open enrollment students. Beloit Turner prides itself on educating students in a medium size district while providing educational programming and extracurricular activities rarely seen in districts its size. The district has been recognized by the College Board as an Advanced Placement (AP) Honor Roll recipient during the 2013-2014

Learn in Beloit – School District of Beloit

School District of Beloit The School District of Beloit is a family of over 7000 students in grades PreK through 12, learning in a variety of school settings including traditional, early learning, charter schools, advanced placement, career training centers and virtual learning. Activities include sports (elementary to Division I WIAA high school), gifted and talented programming, after-school enrichment clubs, leadership organizations and fine arts programs that have earned national and global recognition. Some of the

Learn in Beloit – Beloit College

BELOIT COLLEGE Sarah Lisovich had options when choosing a college to attend. But Beloit College had something that no other school could offer the Chicago resident. “Beloit College had the most of what I was interested in,” says the junior. “I wanted a school with a strong English Department. When I visited the school I sat in a few English classes that seemed engaging and interesting. I was also interested in a minor in Russian.