Remember | The Beloit Historical Society

The Beloit Historical Society, founded in 1910, is the oldest historical society in Rock County. Located on the west side of Beloit, the society manages two sites – The Lincoln Center and the Hanchett-Bartlett Homestead. The Beloit Historical Society includes five buildings on 30 acres of land. Programs, tours and community events are held throughout the year at both facilities. “We’re a worthwhile, important organization and we do unique work in Beloit,” says Paul Kerr,

The Real Indiana Jones

ROY CHAPMAN ANDREWS One of Beloit’s most famous citizens was Roy Chapman Andrews, an explorer, adventurer and writer. Andrews is best known for leading a series of expeditions through China in the early 20th century into the Gobi Desert and Mongolia that led to such discoveries as the first-known nests of fossilized dinosaur eggs. There were plenty of obstacles along the way, however, as he battled sandstorms, snakes, and bandit attacks. It is widely speculated