Work in Beloit – ABC Supply

  ABC Supply Co., Inc. not only dominates Beloit's riverfront, but stands out in Beloit's employment landscape. ABC Supply's bold white building is a focal point of Beloit riverfront landscape. With their location on a hill overlooking the riverfront, employees have sweeping views of the river, lagoon and beautiful River Side Park. ABC Supply Co., Inc. not only dominates the Beloit riverfront, but stands out in Beloit's employment landscape.  ABC Supply Co., Inc. is the  largest wholesale distributor of roofing

Blackhack Technical College – Your College. Your Future.

Your College. Your Future. Take the Next Step! When you discover Blackhawk Technical College, you are on the road to success. As a proud member of the 16-school Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS), Blackhawk Technical College relishes its role as an innovative and productive resource for Beloit and all of south central Wisconsin. It certainly isn’t any wonder that Beloit schools are the largest feeder system to Blackhawk. Those students, as well as students from

Healthcare Spotlight – NorthPointe Health and Wellness Campus

NorthPointe Health and Wellness Campus in Roscoe, IL Located just minutes from Beloit, NorthPointe’s 122-acre health and wellness campus is truly a unique health environment. Located on a rolling prairie setting near the corner of Willowbrook and E. Rockton Roads in Roscoe, with a convenient location off- I-90, the campus focuses on prevention, diagnostics and treatment. “The innovative, state-of-the-art health and wellness campus is a natural, healing environment for all ages,” explains Gus Larson, Director

This is My Home – Donna Sykora

Two years ago, Donna Sykora moved to Beloit for a new position. What she found here in southern Wisconsin was so much more. Donna is key account manager for Alliant Energy. In her role, she manages large industrial customers in the Beloit area. In addition, she represents the company on a number of local boards such as the Beloit Chamber of Commerce, Blackhawk Technical College Foundation Board and United Way Blackhawk Region. While taking care

Having A Ball – Recreation Name of the Game in Beloit

One of the reasons Jessie Everson appreciates Beloit is for its surplus of recreational activities. From playing in winter volleyball leagues to biking to participating in summer pickle ball with her husband Tom, the mother of two takes full advantage of Beloit’s many offerings. “We’re very active,” she says. “We try to get involved in something every weekend. If there’s a community event, we make sure to stop by. We take our three dogs to

Live In Beloit – A Special Place

James Pearson has lived all over the country. He’s lived in Portland, Philadelphia and Myrtle Beach, just to name a few cities. But Pearson thinks he’s finally found a special place in Beloit that is ideal for both his family and his career. Pearson came to Beloit in 2012 as curator of the Wright Museum of Art, one of Beloit’s crown jewels. In 1930, the college partnered with the city of Beloit to fund the

Rising Professionals promote Beloit

RISING PROFESSIONALS PROMOTE BELOIT In an effort to get more young professionals involved in the community, the Greater Beloit Chamber of Commerce has created the Rising Professionals, an organization comprised of young professionals under the age of 40. The group was created to empower young professionals in the region, provide networking opportunities and promote civic engagement, professional development and mentoring. “We have plenty of young people here in Beloit,” said Tim Dutter, executive director of the

Bushel & Peck’s Local Market

BUSHEL & PECK'S LOCAL MARKET Nine years ago, Jackie Gennett and Rich Horbaczewski of Grass is Greener Gardens, an organic farm located in Monroe, started selling eggs, lamb and chicken at the weekly Beloit Farmers’ Market. Little did they know it would open a whole new world for their business right here in downtown Beloit. The business partners are owners of the popular Bushel & Peck’s Local Market, 328 State St., which opened in 2008. The restaurant

Nature at the Confluence: A Project for 2020

NATURE AT THE CONFLUENCE: A PROJECT FOR 2020 "This is a process of rediscovery and trying to make the Confluence become a community asset once again.” Beloit is located at the Confluence of the Rock River and Turtle Creek. These streams have played a key part in the history and development of the city. They’ve provided diverse habitats for plants and animals, and also have a rich history of being utilized by people. The Confluence

Fulfilling a Dream: Diane Hendricks

FULFILLING A DREAM: DIANE HENDRICKS Diane and Ken Hendricks had a dream for how they wanted their lives to play out. “In 1982, Ken and I had a vision,” says Diane, chairman of ABC Supply Co., Inc., the company she co-founded with her late husband. “We wanted to be productive with our lives, make a difference in our industry and give back to those who helped us achieve our dreams. Ken and I were blessed to

Finding a Place to Call Home

FINDING A PLACE TO CALL HOME Derrick Wash could have made his home anywhere following college graduation. But he chose to move to Beloit where he’s happy to be home again. “There’s so much diversity in Beloit,” he says. “It’s not a small community, but it certainly doesn’t have a big city feel. Everything I need is within driving distance, and it’s a good place to raise kids. For the most part, you know everyone

Live In Beloit – Home At Last

HOME AT LAST Larry Arft has spent a 40-year career working in public service. He started in Berkley, Mo., before moving on to the Chicago suburbs, working as village administrator in Bolingbrook and Morton Grove. But he’s finally found a place he can call home in Beloit. “My wife, Karen, and I have lived in five communities in three different states, but we like Beloit the most,” says Arft, who was hired as city manager

Making a New Home In Beloit

MAKING A NEW HOME IN BELOIT Change is never easy. Uwe Schnell knows this firsthand. Schnell has been all over the world. A native of Germany, Uwe has also lived and worked in Belgium, India, Hungary and Brazil, before making his way to the United States. It’s been a long and winding road, but Uwe can’t imagine being anywhere else. “I enjoy the spontaneity and the business culture in the United States,” he says. “Germans

The Real Indiana Jones

ROY CHAPMAN ANDREWS One of Beloit’s most famous citizens was Roy Chapman Andrews, an explorer, adventurer and writer. Andrews is best known for leading a series of expeditions through China in the early 20th century into the Gobi Desert and Mongolia that led to such discoveries as the first-known nests of fossilized dinosaur eggs. There were plenty of obstacles along the way, however, as he battled sandstorms, snakes, and bandit attacks. It is widely speculated

The Butterfly Club

THE BUTTERFLY CLUB The Butterfly Club is another Wisconsin Supper Club in Beloit that offers sensational food, an inviting atmosphere and keen attention to service for its popularity. “It’s a beautiful thing to have a supper club like The Butterfly Club,” says co-owner Mike Sala. “People like to come here to have a good time.” The restaurant’s rich history dates back to 1924, when Hal and Mae Sherburne opened the Butterfly Tea Room, named for the yellow and

Merrill and Houston’s Steak Joint

MERRILL & HOUSTON'S One look around Merrill & Houston’s Steak Joint, 500 Pleasant St., and Beloit’s rich history comes alive. “It’s a tribute to our city’s past and the industry leaders who created Beloit,” says Jayme Braatz, the restaurant’s general manager. “We want people to feel like they can really connect with Beloit.” Merrill & Houston’s opened in July 2012 in the Ironworks Hotel, after more than a year of extensive construction to both the hotel

The 615 Club

THE 615 CLUB The 615 Club has been a Beloit landmark since 1936. Located at 615 Broad Street, the popular Wisconsin Supper Club is located just three blocks from the Beloit College campus. “The 615 Club has always had its place in Beloit history,” says Gregg Hatley, who along with his wife, RayAnn, are just the sixth owners of the restaurant’s proud history. “I just wanted a place that speaks for itself. It was here

The Rock Bar and Grill

THE ROCK BAR AND GRILL Looking for a fun place with good food and an excellent view of Beloit? Check out The Rock Bar and Grill, situated on the banks of the Rock River in Beloit. “We have one of the best views in the city,” says Barb Lervik, crew trainer for the restaurant. “On nice, sunny days you can see jet skiers, fishing boats and pontoon boats on the river.” The scenic riverfront location makes

Learn in Beloit – School District of Beloit Turner

  BELOIT TURNER SCHOOL DISTRICT The School District of Beloit Turner is a district of choice with approximately 25% of its total enrollment of 1,503 consisting of open enrollment students. Beloit Turner prides itself on educating students in a medium size district while providing educational programming and extracurricular activities rarely seen in districts its size. The district has been recognized by the College Board as an Advanced Placement (AP) Honor Roll recipient during the 2013-2014

Learn in Beloit – School District of Beloit

School District of Beloit The School District of Beloit is a family of over 7000 students in grades PreK through 12, learning in a variety of school settings including traditional, early learning, charter schools, advanced placement, career training centers and virtual learning. Activities include sports (elementary to Division I WIAA high school), gifted and talented programming, after-school enrichment clubs, leadership organizations and fine arts programs that have earned national and global recognition. Some of the